About us

Antique Character

I choose the name Antique Character for my shop because of the materials I use to craft my products. During my time with my woodworking mentor he taught me to appreciate the natural character of wood. I decided to add antique because the only way it obtains character is through years of aging. I wanted the name of my shop to be a tribute to the natural beauty that only old growth trees have.

The easiest way for me to express my creativity is through the designs of my products. My shop started when I made my first Apple Pencil case in my garage, I went through 12 prototypes until I reached the case I sell today. During the process of the first case I made it for myself, instead of making it to sell. This mindset encouraged me to think outside the box when working on new designs so they are a perfect mixture of function and beauty. I am the user and tester for all my designs and this is a vital part of my process because I can clearly see the problem the design needs to fix. I do not ship out an order until I inspect the case a say “I want to keep it” if I don’t think it’s perfect then you won’t either.

Since trees are a major part of what makes my products different, I decided to join an organization that plants a tree each time I sell a product. There on track to plant over 1 million trees this year and I have a goal to contribute 5,000 trees this year. The best part is you don't have to do anything for this, but when you purchase a product from my shop I donate a percent of profit to plant a tree, and this goes for all products. Therefore, I refer to my products as goods because when you purchase from me you get a good thing and do a good thing because you are contributing to the revival of forests around the world!

To wrap up what Antique Character is all about
I care about providing a remarkable product
I want you to love how it looks and works
I only use the best material available
I strive to make sure you are 100% in love with your purchase
And I make every effort to replenish the trees I use

If you ever need to contact me email me here antiquecharacter [!at] gmail.com
My name is Steven and I'll help you out

Thanks, again