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Apple Pencil Case for iPad Pro Models 9.7 & 12.9 Cedar

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This Apple Pencil case is sleek, functional, and expertly crafted.  Allowing you to carry the apple pencil around with you, and not lose the small but very important cap, as well as having the charging adapter with you at all times.  The case it made out of solid wood making it a ultra protective case while still featuring a sleek elegant profile. 

Each slot in your case is hand routed ensuring a perfect slot.
I then personally hand sand each case starting from 80 grit and finishing with a fine 320 grit sand paper.
Magnets are then securely set with a special metal to wood glue. 
Polishing wax is applied by to provide a durable water resistant finish.
Finally your case is placed in protective packaging ensuring a safe trip to you!

Made from easter aromatic cedar, which has a light reddish pink color with a occasional white stripe

10.5 inches long by .75 wide by 1.125 tall.

Amish Milled Cedar
Extra soft bumper pads to protect the ends of the pencil
Neodymium Magnets to hold the case together

Then a wood polishing wax is applied giving the cedar a durable finish with a semi-gloss shine

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Apple Pencil Not Included

Here is a video of the cases basics operation:

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