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Business Card Case

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Walnut Business Card Case

Handcrafted from finest wood available to ensure superior quality and beauty in this Business Card Case. Makes a perfect gift and accessory for anyone that carries business cards.


-A simple and durable design

-securely held shut with 8 powerful magnets

-Integrated thumb slot that allows easy removal of business cards

-Holds between 8-12 business cards (depending on card thickness)


-Hand sanded natural dark walnut

-A natural wood polishing wax is applied, leaving a nonstick finish with a light shine.


Material: Walnut

Measurements: 4 inches long by 2.25 inches wide by 9/16 thick.

Hardware: Neodymium magnets

I personal crafted and fulfill each one of my products to provide a quality product. Please contact me with any question you may have.

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